Discrete Components – More Complex Stamping/Turning Parts

分立元件 – 更复杂的冲压/车削零件

Fineconn capable as custom manufacturer of industrial metal stampings including connectors and miniature parts used in electrical and electronics applications. Stamping parts are available in different sizes, contours and shapes. Secondary operations include tumble deburring, tapping, countersinking, machining, piece marking, silk screen, hardware installation and assemblies.
精细康© 能够作为工业金属冲压件的定制制造商,包括用于电气和电子应用的连接器和微型部件。 冲压件有不同的尺寸,轮廓和形状。 二次加工包括翻滚去毛刺,攻丝,鑽孔裝埋,加工,零件标记,丝印,硬件安装和组装。