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PCBA & Module Assy


Fineconn’s Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) manufacturing team continually optimizes its’ manufacturing resources to support a broad spectrum of PCBA product requirements. Our manufacturing team and equipment supports a highly flexible manufacturing environment that meets the ever changing needs of our customers. Our lines are configured to support top and bottom-side SMT, as well as equipment feeders for offline setups. Our robust board assembly operations can accommodate a variety of latest requirements. All of our facilities employ common manufacturing and test platforms and a common manufacturing quality system. This allows a rapid transition of manufacturing operations – either as part of a cost migration strategy or for a dual site qualification plan to address disaster recovery risks. The use of our simple and smart shop floor quality tracking systems enables our engineering teams to quickly address any issues that would strengthening production quality and minimizing operational costs.

精细康©的印刷电路板组装(PCBA)制造团队不断优化其制造资源,以支持广泛的PCBA产品要求。我们的制造团队和设备支持高度灵活的制造环境,可满足客户不断变化的需求。我们的线路配置为支持顶部和底部SMT,以及用于离线设置的设备馈线。我们强大的电路板装配操作可满足各种最新要求。我们所有的工厂都采用通用的制造和测试平台以及通用的制造质量体系。这允许制造业务的快速转变 – 作为成本迁移战略的一部分,或者用于解决灾难恢复风险的双站点资格计划。使用我们简单而智能的车间质量跟踪系统,我们的工程团队可以快速解决任何可以提高生产质量和降低运营成本的问题。

PCBA & Module Assy Capability


Manufacturing Capabilities

  • PCBA 
  • SMT Mounting
  • Manual Insertion

Machines: DEK, Juki, Vitronic Soltec, Panasonic


  • PCBA
  • SMT安装
  • 手动插入

机器:DEK,Juki,Vitronic Soltec,Panasonic

PCBA Success Stories


Module Assy Success Stories