Cable Assy vs. Wire Harness 电缆组件 vs.线束

Cable Assy vs. Wire Harness
电缆组件 vs.线束

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses are often confused for being the same thing.

The confusion is understandable since many professionals use the terms interchangeably and the products themselves have very similar basic functions. Yet these products are very different from each other, as is their purpose, which means definitions need to be made in order to help people get the products they need. This is a brief explanation of cable assembly vs. wire harness, and how each product is used out in the world.


这种混淆是可以理解的,因为许多专业人员可互换地使用这些术语,并且产品本身具有非常相似的基本功能。然而,这些产品彼此之间存在很大差异,其目的也是如此,这意味着需要进行定义以帮助人们获得所需的产品。 这是电缆组件与线束的简要说明,以及每种产品在世界上的使用方式。