Environmental, Health and Safety

Environmental, Health and Safety


FSB committed to comply with International pollution prevention requirements and set up an

environmental policy for the whole group of Fineconn, with emphasis as below:

• Commit to pollution prevention activities, reduce solid waste, and comply with all relevant international and

national environmental restrictions and other requirements.

• Educate eco-awareness and environmental responsibilities by employees training.

• Set up environmental control goals, objects and plans and evaluate periodically.

• Establish safe and healthy workplace.


• 致力于污染预防活动,减少固体废物,并遵守所有相关的国际和国家环境限制和其他要求。

• 通过员工培训教育生态意识和环境责任。

• 制定环境控制目标,对象和计划并定期评估。

• 建立安全健康的工作场所。