CNC & Machining

Discrete Components – CNC Turned Parts

分立元件 – 数控车削件床 


  • Fineconn© provides high accuracy and precise turning/milling products with professional NC/CNC Automatic Compound Complex Lathes and CNC Milling Centers.
  • Products: Medical Parts, Automotive Components, Electronic Components, Aerial Components, all kinds of Joint Components, and various customized products.
  • Materials: Free Cutting Brass, Beryllium Copper, Lead Nickel, Copper, Copper, Phosphorous Bronze, Nickel Silver, Free Cutting Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy, and Engineering Plastics (POM, PEEK, TEFLON, ABS).
  • 精细康©使用专业NC / CNC自动复合车床和数控铣削中心提供高精度和精确车削/铣削产品。
  • 产品介绍:医疗零件,汽车零部件,电子零件,航空零件,各种关节零件以及各种定制产品.
  • 材料:无铅切割黄铜,铍铜,铅镍,铜,铜,磷青铜,镍银,易切削钢,不锈钢,碳钢,铝合金和工程塑料(POM,PEEK,TEFLON,ABS)。

Secondary Operations including 


  • Surface Treatments of Plating, Grinding, Chemical Polishing, Heat Treatments, Anodizing, Alodine, Laser Graving, Powder Coasting, and etc. 电镀表面处理,研磨,化学抛光,热处理,阳极氧化,Alodine,激光雕刻,粉末抛光等。

  • Physical Dimensional Improvements including: Deep Hole Drilling, Broaching, Punching, Stamping, Bending, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting. 物理尺寸改进包括:深孔钻削,拉削,冲压,冲压,弯曲,激光切割,水射流切割。

  • For quick product development, we also provide 3D Printing Service to help our customers to get quick ideal of product  feature. The service also can help to save your time and money on tooling mock up! The material of 3D printing is ABS. 为了快速进行产品开发,我们还提供3D打印服务,以帮助我们的客户获得快速理想的产品功能。 该服务还可以帮助节省您的时间和金钱模拟工具! 3D打印的材料是ABS.

Types of CNC Turned Parts