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Fineconn Sdn. Bhd. is a company which established since 2008, provides multiple services with its integrated production system. Headquarter base in Taiwan under Co-Everstrong group, to whom have established a long history and experience of Electroplating, Stamping, Machining and Assembly production. Our key technologies including Electroplating, Stamping, Machining process for all kinds of product, custom heat sink and custom design connectors and harnesses. Fineconn is focusing on the supplying reliable high-quality products for applications in Automotive, Mobile, Wireless Communication, Computer & Peripherals, Digital Entertainment, Networking Industrial, Automation, Security, Medical Instrument and others Consumer Electronics.



精细康©有限公司简称《Fineconn Sdn.Bhd.》是一家通过其综合生产系统为不同客户供多种服务的创新科技公司。 总部基地是在台湾, 这是一家在电镀,冲压,机械加工和装配生产方面有着历史悠久和经验。 我们的关键技术包括电镀,冲压,各种产品的加工工艺,定制散热器和定制设计连接器和线束。 今天,精细康致力于为汽车工业,移动电信,无线通信,电脑及外围设备,数码娱乐,网络工业,机械与自动化,安全性设备,医疗仪器和其他消费电子产品等应用提供可靠的高品质产品。

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