Discrete Components Pins : Introduction


Fineconn© is capable to provide high accuracy and precise stamping products with professional high speed progressive stamping  machines in the factory. We are also manufacturer of open tooled bandolier pins used for interconnect, electronic, temperature control, medical components, battery & computer applications. Tooling of precision, micro & progressive metal stampings, dies, prototypes, modular & carbide tooling products. Services include post plating, heat-treating, DAG, tumbling, deburring & pre-plated materials.
精细康©能够在工厂内使用专业的高速渐进式冲压机提供高精度和精确的冲压产品。 我们也应用开放式的加工子弹带销,用于互连器,电子,温度控制,医疗组件,电池和计算机应用的制造商。 精密,微型和渐进式金属冲压件,模具,原型,模块化和硬质合金工具产品的模具。 服务包括后电镀,热处理,DAG,翻滚,去毛刺和预镀材料。