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Nowadays, Fineconn custom header family offers complete design flexibility to modify standard headers or develop new customized connectors to meet specific design requirements. Fineconn custom header solution that caters to a wide variety of programs and volumes.

When OEMs perform pin insertion onto PCBs, they need to invest in stitching machinery to do so, and that increases manufacturing costs. Custom Headers make pin insertion unnecessary and eliminate the need for customers to invest in stitching machinery.

Most of OEMs always look for ways to simplify their manufacturing processes to reduce costs and get products to market more quickly. Custom Headers reduce steps manufacturing process by providing headers with pins already inserted.

如今,精细康© 定制接头系列提供了完整的设计灵活性,可以修改标准接头或开发新的定制接头以满足特定的设计要求。精细康©自定义标头解决方案,适用于各种程序和卷。

当原始设备制造商将引脚插入PCB时,他们需要投资缝合机械才能这样做,这会增加制造成本。 定制接头不需要插针,无需客户投资缝合机械。

大多数OEM始终寻求简化制造流程的方法,以降低成本并更快地将产品推向市场。 自定义接头通过提供已插入引脚的接头来减少制造过程。


    Why Combo Headers?


    Why Combo Header

    Traditional Header

      • End user need to buy discrete components.
      • Keep more stock on different types of pin components.
      • SMT placement component to PCB, then go by reflow and final via soldering/compliance pin process.
      • Purchase more equipment if volume increased, i.e. high assets holding.
      • Draw back was time consuming and process lengthen.


    • 最终用户需要购买分立元件。
    • 在不同类型的引脚组件上保留更多库存。
    • SMT贴装元件到PCB,然后通过回流和最终通过焊接/顺应针脚工艺。
    • 如果数量增加,即购买高资产,则购买更多设备。
    • 退缩是耗时的并且过程延长。

    Standard Pin Headers


    Value Propositions: Benefits of Combo Header to Customer

    Production Efficiency can be achieved via:


    • Production Efficiency can be achieved via:
    • No more individual pin insertions process
    • Single SMT process with PIP (Pin-In-Paste) capable of combo headers
    • Cost Savings
    • No equipment capital investment
    • Less time spent in production
    • Reduced Equipment Assets





      • 不再需要单独的插针插入过程
      • 具有PIP(Pin-In-Paste)功能的单个SMT工艺,具有组合连接器接头
      • 节约成本
      • 没有设备资金投入
      • 减少在生产中花费的时间
      • 减少设备资产

      Types of Combo Header to Customer


      Case Study for Value Propositions: Benefits of Combo Header to