Capabilities for Present and the Future

Fineconn Sdn. Bhd. is a company in which established since 2008, provides multiple services with its integrated production system. As Headquarter base in Taiwan under Co-Everstrong group, to whom have established a long history and experience of Electroplating, Stamping, Machining and Module/Connector Production Assembly.

As a dedicated and preferred supplier in most industries today, we offer a one stop shop solution for our customers with the smartest and brightest minds to solve customers’ toughest engineering challenges by leveraging our proven commitments, capabilities and newest innovations. We deliver high quality and reliable components, to ensure Fit-Form-Function for the market, with complying to top business standards as of today. As a business reliable partner, our build-in Fineconn’s DNA “Brave, Flexibility, Innovations, Speed, Win/Win and Sharing” had foreseen the future challenge with our customer together. Our highly skilled PMT, Engineering and R&D team, had been team-up as a united team, to whom focusing on Total Electronics Solution as highest priority to solve customer engineering challenges.

“Simply-Solved, Simply-Worked” was our company slogan that aim to improve the ease of production/assembly, while maintaining the highest quality with being cost effective, innovative with eliminating waste and bureaucracy. Ultimate goal for FSB’s vision is to be a leading service provider with Total Solutions that create value for our customers, employees and society.


精细康©有限公司是一家自2008年成立以来,通过其综合生产系统提供多种服务的公司。作为擁強股份有限公司集团在台湾的总部基地,他们已经建立了电镀,冲压,加工和模块/连接器生产组装的悠久历史和经验。作为当今大多数行业的专业和首选供应商,我们通过充分利用我们久经考验的承诺,能力和最新创新,以最高明,最聪明的思维为客户提供一站式解决方案,以解决客户最棘手的工程挑战。我们提供高质量和可靠的组件,以确保适合市场的适合,形式,功能[Fit-Form-Function],符合当今的顶级业务标准。作为业务可靠的合作伙伴,我们内置的Fineconn DNA“勇敢,灵活,创新,速度,赢/赢和分享”预见了我们与客户共同面临的未来挑战。我们技术精湛的PMT,工程和研发团队团结一致,将全电子解决方案[Total Electronics Solution]作为解决客户工程挑战的首要任务。 “简单解决,简单工作”是我们公司的口号,旨在提高生产/装配的便利性,同时保持最高的质量,具有成本效益,创新,消除浪费和官僚作风。 精细康愿景的最终目标是成为整体解决方案[Total Solution]的领先服务提供商,为我们的客户,员工和社会创造价值。