Introduction of Cable Assy and Wire Harness

Cable Assy and Wire harness specifications have become more specialized due to increased electrical and electronic content; finding a global collaborator with an engineering team to work with from concept drawings to building and testing Cable Assy and Wire Harnesses are a challenge. Fineconn’s experienced engineering team offers joint-collaboration, manufacturing and testing services as a full solution provider. Fineconn able to develop and build custom harnesses, cable assy or manufacture to customer-specified designs and then full test each completed cable assy and wire harness to meet industry standards.

由于电气和电子规格内容的增加,电缆组件和线束规格变得更加专业化; 寻找一个与工程团队合作的全球合作伙伴,从概念图到构建和测试电缆组件和线束都是一项挑战。精细康©经验丰富的工程团队提供联合协作,制造和测试服务,作为完整的解决方案提供商。精细康©能够根据客户指定的设计开发和制造定制线束,电缆组件或制造,然后对每个完成的电缆组件和线束进行全面测试,以符合行业标准