Commercial Vehicle

The continuous modernizations in the field of technologies for a wide variety of applications in the lightweight commercial vehicle (LCV), medium & heavyweight commercial vehicle (HCV) are attracting several automakers across the world, which is paving the path for commercial vehicle wiring harness market in the current scenario. Moreover, the automotive industry is experiencing growth in the strategic partnerships between the automakers and wiring harness manufacturers to boost the commercial vehicle wiring harness market.

在轻型商用车(LCV),中型和重型商用车(HCV)中广泛应用的技术领域中的持续现代化正在吸引全球数家汽车制造商,这为商用车线束市场在当前情况下铺平了道路。 此外,汽车工业在汽车制造商与线束制造商之间的战略伙伴关系中正在增长,以促进商用车线束市场。

General Harness in Commercial Vehicle 商用车通用线束

EV General Harness in Commercial Vehicle 电动车线束组件通用线束