Fineconn as a leading value-added service provider for low to mid-range power cable and harness assembly solutions, Fineconn isexpanding its range of cable assembly solutions with a focus on high power,low-speed signal products and associated assemblies. Our deepdesign expertise and high-quality solutions offer customers flexibilitythrough more design-in opportunities.In addition, for microminiature, fine-pitch products (2.00mm pitch spacingor less), Fineconn provides crucial expertise in crimping and completingassemblies. Offering a variety of assemblies — such as discrete, over-molded, commercial, and complex harnesses — Fineconn has the global capabilities required to meet cable assembly needs ina wide range of markets.

精细康©作为中低端电力电缆和线束组件解决方案的领先增值服务生产/供应商,精细康©正在扩展其电缆组件解决方案的范围,重点是大功率,低速信号产品和相关组件。 我们拥有多年深厚的设计专业知识和高质量的解决方案通过更多的设计机会为客户提供灵活性的服务。 此外,对于超小型,细间距产品(间距间距为2.00mm或更小),精细康©在压接和完成装配方面提供了关键的专业知识。 精细康©提供各种组件,例如分立的,包覆成型的,商业的和复杂的线束,具有满足广泛市场中电缆组件需求所需的能力。